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Proper training helps you reach your goals and achieve the potential of your repair facility.


As of July 2, 2012 - Jaime Lazarus, The Car Whisperer, LLC has satisfied current Mobile Air Conditioning Society requirements to conduct technician training classes in Refrigerant Recovery & Recycling for automotive air conditioning technicians under Section 609 of the Clean Air Act of 1990.

Contact The Car Whisperer for Section 609 compliance testing

The Car Whisperer provides hands-on training - included at no additional charge - with your diagnostic tool purchase*!


The Car Whisperer can also help you efficiently operate diagnostic tool investments made elsewhere.


We can provide custom-tailored, on-site instruction using the tools already in your shop.


The Car Whisperer holds seminars, participates in industry trade shows and is contracted by fleets and schools to provide them up to the minute diagnostic techniques using the industry's latest diagnostic tools and equipment.


If you're unsure what would best work for you please contact us discuss your diagnostic training needs!


We also offer:

  • Automotive Diagnostic Tools

  • Mobile Diagnostic Services

  • Mobile Reprogramming

  • Diagnostic Information Research Services

  • Shop Management & Diagnostic Consultation Services

  • Web-Based PC & Automotive Diagnostics


* - Limited Areas




I want to EARN your business... That way I'll value it more!



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