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The IPA 9000 Pulsar



Innovative Products of America announces the release of the Pulsar series of testers, designed to easily troubleshoot and diagnose automotive electrical problems.  The Pulsar connects directly to a circuit and safely pulses DC current into it, allowing the technician to diagnose faulty connections, locate shorts or dynamically test components.  

The Pulsar combines four unique features in an easy-to-use hand-held tool:

  • power pulse

  • parasitic draw

  • current-limiter

  • AMP meter

Technicians can also connect it to a DC power source for bench testing devices.  The Pulsar can deliver up to 50 AMPS (with a 0.1 resolution) and allows the technician to regulate the desired current output to safely monitor and protect the circuit's condition.  The large digital display is easy to read.


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