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The Car Whisperer brings extensive knowledge to you - both learned and earned!  As a current ASE Master Certified Automotive Technician, with L-1 (Advanced Engine Performance) certification held since the test's inception, Jaime proves his commitment to perfection in his career.  He provides his customers with the most current information, learned both first-hand as a mobile diagnostician, and by regularly honing his skills by attending over 300 hours of automotive training per year!

It's been said "to truly understand something, one should teach it".  Jaime has been teaching Automotive Technologies and has held seminars since 1985, most recently having the honor of providing training seminars to the instructors who attended the 2010 North American Council of Automotive Teachers (NACAT) conference and to the instructors of the NASCAR Technical Institute just North of Charlotte, NC.

Biography & Work Experiences
The part Jaime liked most about repairing cars was the challenge of accurately and efficiently diagnosing the diverse problems which developed.  Dealing with constantly changing technology afforded him the opportunity to avoid the boredom associated with repairs (the actual replacing of parts).  Now he assists those interested in performing high-tech, high quality diagnosis and repairs.  Jaime says "I feel it's important to remember why I first got interested in repairing automobiles... I like to solve problems!  The added bonus of fixing cars is the knowledge I am also helping a person (the owner).  By questioning myself 'what if this were my mother's car?' while working on a customer's car, I maintain ambition to do the best job I can.  I Hope all technicians subscribe to this attitude."


2008 Present:  President, The Car Whisperer, LLC


2005 2008:  Factory Representative, Bosch Diagnostics
Sales and training of automotive diagnostic equipment,
trainer of automotive technicians

2000 2008:  Factory Representative, Vetronix Sales Corp.
Sales and training of automotive diagnostic equipment,
trainer of automotive technicians and co-workers

1985 1996:  Owner, Jaime Lazarus Auto Repair &
the Automotive Diagnostic Information Service,
Part-Time Automotive Technologies Instructor
at Central Florida Community College


I want to EARN your business... That way I'll value it more!



The Car Whisperer - Owned and Operated by United States Navy Veterans