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Bosch MTS 5200

Comprehensive Electrical & Mechanical Analysis

The MTS 5200 is the single solution to all your engine - and electrical - analysis needs.  It is a very powerful 4-channel oscilloscope with independent A/D converters per channel for superb signal resolution and a separate high accuracy DMM input.  Now you can have the power of the “big box” analyzers in one portable hand-held tool!

The MTS 5200 operates as a stand alone diagnostic platform.  Using the many different features of the MTS
5200, you have the capability of displaying and storing any number of signals available on an automobile.  Some of the general functions of the MTS 5200 are as follows:

Primary Ignition
Primary Ignition connection supports high voltage (600 volts) input, which is compatible with the following
ignition types:
• DI (Distributor Ignition) External Coil
• DI (Distributor Ignition) Internal Coil
• COP (Coil On Plug) Ignition

Secondary Ignition
Secondary Ignition connection is used to support common types of secondary ignition signals including:
• DI (Distributor Ignition) External Coil
• DI (Distributor Ignition) Internal Coil
• EI (Distributorless Ignition)
• CNP (Coil Near Plug) Ignition
• COP (Coil On Plug) Ignition

Graphing Multimeter
The Graphing Multimeter plots circuit operation over an extended period of time.  Measurements include:
• DC Voltage
• DC Low Current
• DC High Current
• Frequency
• Pulse Width
• Duty Cycle
• Temperature
• Vacuum
• Pressure

The DVOM is used to digitally display the numerical value measured by the MTS 5200.  The DVOM uses banana jacks so all of your standard leads work.  Measurements include:
• DC Voltage
• AC Voltage
• Resistance
• Continuity
• Diode Check

The 4-Channel Oscilloscope allows you to view multiple signals simultaneously and supports a wide variety
of voltages and sampling speeds.  You can select a vehicle component and allow the MTS 5200 to set up for
the expected signal or manually change your oscilloscope settings.

The Snapshot function gives you the ability to capture, save, and playback a length of data collected from a
vehicle.  When a snapshot is captured, the MTS 5200 collects raw data from the vehicle for a length of time
you select.  Snapshots can be played back in real time or carefully examined by scrolling through the snapshot manually.  Snapshots can be captured and played back in the following operating modes:
• Secondary Ignition
• Primary Ignition
• 4-Channel Oscilloscope
• Graphing Multimeter
• Vacuum Waveform

File Manager
The File Manager is a utility that allows you to view and manipulate saved screen captures and snapshot
files.  The following functions are available in the File Manager:
• Viewing saved files
• Deleting one or multiple files
• Viewing detail information about a file
• Adding information about a file
• Formatting Internal Flash

Engine Tests
Engine Tests are tests which allow you to analyze the engine’s mechanical operation.  The following Engine
Tests are currently available:
• Vacuum Waveform
• Cranking kV
• Cylinder Tests:
• Failed Cylinder ID
• Cylinder Balance


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