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CarDAQ-Plus Universal Reprogrammer




The CarDAQ-Plus from Drew Technologies is the most featured, accepted, and tested J2534 product on the market.  It is competitively priced for its features, and the users highly value the reliability of the product.  Every
automaker that offers ECU reprogramming to the aftermarket either recommends or has tested a CarDAQ.  No other tool can claim this.  The user needs to know that they can reflash a car when it comes in for service, and we can say with confidence - that the CarDAQ-Plus will work with all J2534 compliant automakers.

The CarDAQ-Plus is the ultimate interface for communicating with newer automobiles, heavy duty trucks, and CAN networks.  It has both Ethernet and USB connectivity to a PC, a built-in operating system for running internal 
programs, protocol support for all modern vehicles, and six analog inputs.  No other J2534 tool on the market 
has the performance and capabilities of the CarDAQ-Plus.  It is upgradeable thru firmware updates and expansion 
slots.  The CarDAQ family is the most talked-about J2534 interface out there.

Drew Technologies offer free technical support with all of its products.  If a customer has a pre-sales, 
installation, or product use question all they have to do is contact Drew Tech’s support line.  Support 
representatives have easy access to engineers within Drew Tech and the automakers.  In many cases, incidents 
can be escalated back to the automaker and receive a response within minutes.  Drew Tech’s location in Ann 
Arbor, Michigan allows locally connecting with engineering groups from many of the automakers.

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