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Bartec Wheelrite TECH400 Plus

The Wheelrite TECH400 Plus is the flagship of the aftermarket range.  It is designed to enable the 
reprogramming of those cars which do not have a 'TPMS relearn' facility in the engine management software of 
the vehicle.  This largely relates to Asian and European manufactured vehicles (including Toyota, Nissan, 
Hyundai, Kia, Mitsubishi etc).  The Wheelrite TECH400 Plus has a Universal OBD connector which enables 
communication via CAN bus and K-line to the vehicle ECU. 

The TECH400 Plus uses its large backlit graphical display and menu system to navigate and display its data. 
This rugged, lightweight yet compact diagnostic tool enables the technician to pre-select the vehicle 
make/model/year using its easy to use menu system.  This leads to fast and accurate activations and decodes of 
TPMS and display of their data and any faults.  The display shows a graphic of the vehicle to further simplify 
the audit process including four and five wheel vehicles.


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